Plastic Pant Hanger

We are the specialist in the manufacture of plastic pant hangers, supplying many of the high street stores. Our branches are widely spread in Coimbatore, Tirupur, Karur, Chennai, Cochin and Bangalore. Using the advanced technologies we are creating eco-friendly plastic hangers by the support of a qualified team. We prefer quality products that assure international quality certifications. Thus we can give promise to our products about the quality to the customers. We are not focusing on just a selling approach. We focused on the satisfaction of our customers.

Our plastic pant hangers are undergone modern crafting technics according to our customer needs. The customer mainly focuses on the cost-effective, user-friendly hangers with vibrant shades. Thus we focus to create the products 100 % on their suggestions. We are getting relevant feedback from our customers on a daily basis. Most of them are praising the materials that we used for crafting.

Get Best Quality of Plastic Pant Hangers From Coimbatore, Karur, Tirupur Cities

Hangrover focusing on customized hanger designing on the basis of client’s taste. These hangers maintain their quality over the years. Thus you will get a high life and rarely want to replace it. We care about the environment and have a green policy to use recycled and reprocessed plastics in the manufacturer of our hangers wherever possible.

We perform step vise quality checking in different stages of our manufacturing areas and confirming that the product is zero defects. We care about the quality of the garment by no sharp corners, no hard edges, and no cracks. Our plastic hangers are user-friendly, guarded and cost-effective. Customers can use these products in various designs, shapes, and sizes. The plastic pant hanger’s slim and sleek design allows you to maximize space in your closet while keeping your clothes secure when being stored.

Manufactuers of Plastic Pant Hangers From Tirupur, Karur and Coimbatore Cities