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Wooden Hanger

Acknowledged for manufacturing, wholesaling, supplying and distributing a wide range of premium quality of wooden hangers in Coimbatore, Tirupur, Karur, Chennai, Cochin and Bangalore. Our hangers are using advanced technologies matching human shoulders so that the expensive clothes receive the proper support at the proper places. Cabinets are the last-ditch idea for many people. People do not think about how to organize and stay clean.Our customized hangershave a vital role in improving the closets in your home. Decade to decade it has been used to enhance the gleaming of garments. The Wood radiates the insight of quality, elegance and gives the user a warm, comfort, at-home feeling. Our hangers are available in a variety of styles and finishes by the experts. Forget about the crumples and creases. It's time to improve your wardrobe.Give a relishing touch of elegance to your clothes and enjoy the wooden hangers.

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Hangers made up of using wood expose that you have value for the clothes’ quality. They give the classiness look on your clothes after organizing it in your closet. Throw off the feeling of your clothes falling off the hanger, wooden hanger is the best solution for that. There are a variety of colors that you can choose from our lines of hangers. Our customized hangers will maintain its integrity over the years. Thus you will rarely have to replace it. We are proud to be one of the coveted wooden hanger manufacturers especially in the major cities Coimbatore, Tirupur and Karur. Buy latest wood clothes hangers at wholesale price from us.

Get Wooden Hangers From the Top Manufacturers in Tirupur and Karur


  • Our product has a good lifespan.
  • Especially, hangers that are made by wood are better for holding your clothes.
  • If you need to hang your shirts, wood is the best choice to keep the collar of the shirt and keep it intact.
  • We have modern and traditional hangers in different shapes and colors at a reasonable cost.
  • The Hanger is Lightweight but also incredibly strong by the natural hardwood.
  • Its engraved non-slip notches increase the functionality.
  • It also helps them to preserve an elegant structure or shape.
  • The robustness is particularly important for heavier garments, like winter coats, suits, and jackets. HangRover provides solid wood construction to avoid such limitations.
  • Our HangRover product has been undergone different mechanisms to bring out the natural wood hanger.
Wooden Hanger Manufacturers in Coimbatore and Cochin